Visit us at two separate farmer’s markets!

We’ve been selling at the NCFM for two weeks now…but we need more support! Come check our Old North on Saturdays from 9am-12pm and then have lunch at La Mancha on 14th st. Delicious sandwiches and coffee. It wasn’t too hot this weekend which made the 14 miles of bike-riding we did much easier. Visit us and the market and you can buy some of our beets, watermelon radishes, spinach and kale!

Secondly: we will be selling this Friday at the DUC on the WashU campus. From 11-1 they will be having a BBQ in the North Courtyard, and we’ll be tabling beside the outdoor grill. Get your fresh collard greens, turnips, fava beans, and dill!

Also, Camp Kumquat starts this week! Want to volunteer or know a potential participant? Email

Workday Tomorrow! (and NCFM annoucement)

Hey folks:

We will be having a jam packed workday tomorrow (Saturday) and we need your help! The workday will take place from 12pm-3pm unless it is raining. We have lots of planting, weeding, and cleaning to do, so please come down to the garden to say goodbye before you leave for the summer or to say hello to our beautiful summer garden!
Even if you can’t come to the workday for the whole time, it’s a great chance to purchase vegetables! Right now for sale we have arugula, radishes, tat soi (like bak choi), strawberries, kale, and more!
The North City Farmer’s Market (which we sell to every summer) is hosting a Trivia Night to raise money for the market. This money raised will help fund basic operating costs, entertainment at the market, cooking demonstrations, and more. Trivia Night will be on May 28th at 7pm at The Old North St. Louis Restoration Group
2700 N. 14th Street, St. Louis, MO 63106
$100 per table $15 per person | Bring your own snacks
To sign up, contact Veronica 314.422.2382

North City Farmers’ Market Updates

Yesterday was the annual farmer get together in Old North to prepare for the opening of the North City Famers’ Market (NCFM). The Old North Restoration Group has been working tirelessly to prepare for an outstanding season. The market will be at the corner of St. Louis Avenue and 14th Street right near the 13th street food co-op. If you’ve never been to Old North (especially Crown Candy), you should come check out all of the changes that have been made! The market will be held every Saturday beginning June 4th from 9am-12pm. The BK will be selling our produce there so if you are interested in waking up at the crack of dawn to help (or maybe just meeting us there) we would love to have you! We will need help harvesting, transporting, and selling our veggies.

Screen printing!

Get your BK gear this Wednesday night….

Wednesday night, instead of just having our regular ol’ big meeting we’ll be having a screen printing party in Dauten Basement at 8pm. We will have a bunch of cool designs to print on anything that your heart desires! Bring any cloth material (pants, shirts, underwears, overalls…) and we will do an ink printing on it tomorrow night. Keep in mind that the design will need to dry for several hours so your clothing will not be wearable for a little while. If you do not live on the South 40, you can enter the Dauten basement by knocking on the windows near the JKL courtyard until somebody lets you in.

Camp Kumquat 2011

Help us teach St. Louis middle school students about nutrition, the community garden movement, eating organically and locally, and creative expression. We’ll host 3 sessions that are each 2 weeks long.
Know a potential participant or want to volunteer?

Or check out the blog from the last summer that camp was held: