Workday with Dancing and Joy (and Me) ((But that’s redundant))

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Hello darlings – another workday creeps ever closer. But not in a scary movie sort of way – I’m thinking more of creep in a cute-rodent-without-any-disease-like-maybe-a-hamster-or-a-chinchilla sort of way. If you like cute rodents, you should come. If you don’t like cute rodents, you should come. Basically, you should come to our workday:

11 – 3 Sunday, May 1: Work work dirt work play dance smile work

12 – 1 African Dance with Karol Ababa!

If you are weak and aging but full of joy that nevertheless needs expression, then feel free to come just for the African Dance class. It will be quite the glorious yet educational yet healthy way to start your Sunday.

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