DUC market this week…and peanuts?

If you are looking to buy our delicious kale, watermelon radishes, fava beans, collard greens, beets, and cilantro before our appearance at NCFM this weekend, check us out at the DUC! On Friday we will be selling at the DUC BBQ from 11-1 outside in the North Courtyard.

Did you know that you can grow peanuts in Missouri? All you have to do is buy a bag of unroasted whole peanuts from your grocery store. If you crack them open while leaving the inner brown skin on each peanut you can plant them half an inch deep about 6 inches apart. They take about 4-5 months to grow, but be sure to leave the skin on when you plant or the seeds will not germinate. We are trying it out at the BK and so far, so good!

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