Author: Amanda Wolff

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Come and buy produce at the farm tomorrow!

Instead of the DUC couryard we’ll be selling right at home tomorrow! From 3-5:30 pm we’ll be chillin’ at the farm ready to harvest and sell produce for YOU tomorrow. So don’t look for...


Thursday, August 4th 2011

I thought that this was pretty cool. I have done a quick tally of where we are in terms of produce progress this summer. Drumroll please…. $604.30 made from BK sales 398.25 lbs of produce...



Just a reminder: Now that camp is over we need extra help at the farm! This coming Sunday (8/7) we’ll have a workday at the farm to do some weeding and possibly planting. The...


Camp Kumquat begins this week

Our summer camp, Camp Kumquat, which runs for St. Louis middle school students, started this Tuesday.   Want to see what the campers have been up to?


BK this holiday weekend!

Friday (July 1): DUC BBQ times! We’ll harvest our spinach, kale, collards, beets, mini onions, sorrel, green beans, and herbs at 10 am. So meet me at the farm then if you would like to...


Recipe Idea: Kale

We have so much kale at the Burning Kumquat. Right now we are growing curly kale, dino kale, and red russian kale. One easy recipe is to make kale chips! Pre-heat the oven to...


DUC market this week…and peanuts?

If you are looking to buy our delicious kale, watermelon radishes, fava beans, collard greens, beets, and cilantro before our appearance at NCFM this weekend, check us out at the DUC! On Friday we...