Halloween Meeting with WUchurned

Hullo all – this Wednesday, 10/31, we’ll be having a special Halloween big meeting with WUchurned, washu’s one and only butter churning club. (Their logo? “We do butter better.” Yah, it’s gonna be fun.)

We’ll be making Halloween-themed butter and carving ghostly stamps out of turnips, so it should be the grandest of times! And feel free to dress up as a pumpkin or a rutabaga, or if you’re up to it, butter – it is Halloween, after all.

See you in DUC 234 at 8:00 p.m.

Madeleine Daepp

I'm a math and econ student at WashU. Though I love digging in the dirt, I hope one day to combine my urban gardening and my academic background to work in food justice. But full confession? If I could afford land and livestock, I would have a pig farm in the mountains.

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