Wanted: Pre-Orientation Counselors!

Are you interested in counseling for our pre-orientation program? For the past two summers, kumquat counselors have learned about the city’s food justice initiatives with pre-orientation members. We bike across St. Louis, volunteer at urban gardens like City Seeds and New Roots, and hold discussions about food and environmental justice. We also plan delicious meals with the freshest of ingredients!

To be a counselor, you’ll have to apply through the first-year center. Go to https://firstyear.wustl.edu/Page/PreOcounselorApplication.aspx and fill out the application form. Then, e-mail us your answers to the following questions:
  • What is your experience working with the Burning Kumquat, farming, or gardening?
  • Counseling for the pre-o includes biking, cooking, art, and discussions of environmental justice. How could you contribute?

There are a couple of requirements to be aware of:
1. Know how to ride a bike! We’ll teach you safety rules and maintenance and we can help you rent a bicycle, but we can’t teach the basics…
2. Be available from August 15-21. We’ll have three days or preparation, and then the program itself. Reslife lets counselors into their rooms early, so you’ll have lodging.
3. Be excited!
Let us know if you’re interested; we’d love to bike the city with you!

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