BK this holiday weekend!

Friday (July 1):
DUC BBQ times!
We’ll harvest our spinach, kale, collards, beets, mini onions, sorrel, green beans, and herbs at 10 am. So meet me at the farm then if you would like to join!
Then we can carry our goodies over to the DUC to sell from 11-1pm. Afterwards, we’ll pack everything up and head back to the farm.
Even if you can only come for a little bit, we would still love your help! Or maybe just stop by to purchase some veggies!
Saturday (July 2):
This weekend at the North City Farmer’s Market is going to be huge! They are celebrating the 4th of July with a band, popsicles, sprinklers, and of course, farm fresh produce!
But we need lots of help if we want to make it to the festivities.
I know it will be early, but come help us harvest at 7:15am while it’s not too hot outside. Then we’ll bike down to Old North at precisely 8amand sell there until noon.
Maybe a 4th of July lunch at Crown Candy is in order once we’re done selling?? We shall see!
Sunday (July 3):
Fantastic news! Our brand new compost bins are arriving at the farm TODAY!
Which means……we have a lot of compost to move this weekend!
Join us for a farm workday from 6-8pm at the garden to shovel some dirt and possibly plant some potaters! There may even be a tasty 3rd of July treat in order!

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