Visit us at two separate farmer’s markets!

We’ve been selling at the NCFM for two weeks now…but we need more support! Come check our Old North on Saturdays from 9am-12pm and then have lunch at La Mancha on 14th st. Delicious sandwiches and coffee. It wasn’t too hot this weekend which made the 14 miles of bike-riding we did much easier. Visit us and the market and you can buy some of our beets, watermelon radishes, spinach and kale!

Secondly: we will be selling this Friday at the DUC on the WashU campus. From 11-1 they will be having a BBQ in the North Courtyard, and we’ll be tabling beside the outdoor grill. Get your fresh collard greens, turnips, fava beans, and dill!

Also, Camp Kumquat starts this week! Want to volunteer or know a potential participant? Email

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